Chicken and Things

Well we moved the original chicken run and coop to position it next to the walk in run ready for any new girls we may have. I must re- design and repair the run and repair the coop. The place where it was has now bee cleared of all vegetation including weeds and all we have to do now is to turn it over to get the manure into the ground and then Maggie has a new flower garden in the front. She has already got a lot of bulbs for it. It should look fabulous when its in bloom.

I have decided to cover the ground in the walk in run with bark or wood chippings and to place a paving slab by the door. this should be a vast improvement for everyone.

Maggie has a little problem so I’m taking her to see the Doctor today so I’ll probably go on to Woodies and get the bits for the run.

With luck the weather will hold until late tomorrow so we can get the rest of the turf in.

We had some luck over the weekend. I got approval from the archaeologist and the engineer and they have informed the Council of their findings so all being well Planning permission will be coming soon for our Grannie Annex.

Just come in from checking for eggs and I think one is going broody. If so I now know why she would be called a clocking hen. The noise she makes is like a clock. Strange.

Oh by the way I’m not putting this on facebook any more after this. Just have to log in. It’s on my profile.

Only One More|Trip to the Bog

As you can see the collection of the “Turf” is rather late compared to last year but fingers crossed it will be OK. To see the pictures larger just click on the picture.

We have had quite a nice day a little overcast but NO RAIN.

I have sorted out the problem of the archaeologist requirements for the planning permission all I need now is for the Engineer to wake up and to give me a report to say the Septic Tank is working properly then it’s all stations go to get the barn converted and this time I hope to remember to take a load of photographs of before during and after conversion. Short and sweet today so until next time

Toodle Pip

Warning Warning, Severe wind Warning (and no beans)

We have a severe storm warning for tonight and tomorrow and considering the there is nothing between us and the America but a mountain we are expecting a real hooey. Nothing we can do about it so no good to complain.
Managed to get a router table today, been after one for ages. They were on offer at I got there just after they opened 1/2 expecting to find that they had sold out but they had at least a dozen left.

Strange things happening to the girls we had 3 proper eggs today and one small one about the size of a 50p piece in diameter. Had a few like this lately. Perfect shell but no yoke, strange. Got an Idea one of them is going broody just hope Ghost will do his duty soon and help provide some fertile eggs soon.

Oh! well lets see what this week brings

Toodle Pip

The Wind it Blows Tiddly Pom

Well Friday was the calm before the storm. Its blowing a hooley and its going to get worse but never mind those of you in England because over here we will take the sting out of it. Its going to get worse on Monday then gradually ease off over the week.

Not done much today Can’t get out not much inclination to do much indoors. Done some cooking for the freezer.

Really that’s it today


Til tomorrow

Toodle Pip


Warm calm day with a light shower.

Well the plans of mite and men… We had planned to see our Architect today to try to find out just at what stage we were, if he has sent the reports in and so on. So we made a complete detour to Claremorris to see him BUT what do we find?  The door is locked. We just hope he hasn’t done a runner. He is so laid back he is horizontal. We will just have to keep on trying.

Today, as you can imagine,  was shopping day so we did some in Claremorris and some in Castlebar, ending up in Mannions Bar in Balla where they do a very good lunch.

The battery on our oil level sensor had expired and we were having difficulty getting one. You would have thought that the shop that sold the sensor would have also sold the batteries but no. We tried everywhere but in the end and following a brainwave we went to a jewellers and We got one. After we got home I replaced the battery and It works.

We have had warnings of very high winds over the next few days . I’m not looking forward to that!

With luck we will get down to the bog tomorrow to get some more winter fuel.

Well thats all for now

Toodle Pip


A Break From The Rain

Spent the morning putting chicken wire on the roof of the girls run whilst it’s not raining. The wind has dropped thank goodness so the job didn’t take too long

We are planning to see out architect tomorrow to check to see if he has actually sent the archaeologist report and the report on the cesspit to the council. We applied for the planning permission back in April so now it is September I feel that we should be getting somewhere. I would really like to have the converted barn ready to let in the spring. I must take some photos of it before we get started so we have the before and after.

I have been working on a book for visitors about the delights of County Mayo. When we went out on Tuesday I found a 3×3 fire blanket on sale for € 7.00 which is quite cheap considering I have seen them in UK for£ 25.00. Another Item for St. Joseph’s Lodge.

I was looking on a forum today and the subject was old comedies and contributors were reminiscing “On The Buses”, “Fools and  Horses” ” Till Death Us Do Part” and a whole load of others came up, then came the cruncher, some woman stated “some of those were so non PC that I blush”  Oh dear! good job she didn’t see “Love Thy Neighbour” or today’s “Mrs Brown’s Boys”. Some people need to “get a life”



Random Thoughts on a Wet and Windy Day

Been looking on a forum I use today and one topic is the 9/11 and all the “hype” there is on TV together with all the presenters going off to New York for their programmes (and I suspect early Christmas shopping) Now I accept that this was about the biggest individual disaster since Hiroshima and Nagasaki should there be this much coverage in the media?. The UK has had well over 50 terrorist attacks over the last 35 years with many killed and thousands injured. We don’t celebrate these events we don’t have to the memories are in our heads and they don’t go away. Do we really need to send Jeremy Kyle, Lorraine Kelly, and all their entourages to tell us what we already know.

How about something like the Mexican Day of the Dead which is a national holiday to remember the dead?
This is the best Idea I have seen or heard.

Not wishing to bring religion into it too much, the R.C. church observes November as the month of the dead with 2nd of November being “All Souls Day” What more do we need?

By the way they soon stopped collecting for Noraid on the streets of New York after “9/11”

The very high winds last night threatened to rip the plastic roof off the girls run so we have decided to cover the roof with chicken wire to hold it all down.

Still got an egg eater. Must have a cast iron gut.

When did Soda stream change their cylinders so that they are too big for ours? Now we’ve got to get a new one?


For now

Toodle Pip