By way of introduction

Hello I’m Bern,

Well this is my first blog on this site, I have tried before but got disillusioned when no one ever read or commented. Anyway at the request of a forum member I have decided to try again.

Today I have been confined to barracks due to the weather (b*&%^&%^%  raining again) but then this is Ireland. The locals say they haven’t had a summer like this for a long time. And as for last winter no one here remembers anything like it so I can only expect improvement next year.

I did manage to clean the old chicken coop and began to repair the roof prior to giving it a good coat of chicken friendly preservative. They are now installed into their new coop and run that I have made.  The first thing that I have been successful in making.

Talking about the girls we have an egg eater I tried yesterday to stop them with a blown egg filled with mustard but this morning there was evidence of eating – egg yoke on the outside of another egg. So today I blew another egg and filled it with a mixture of mustard and hot chilli powder. If they can eat that then good luck to them.

I have now given up on importing hatching eggs instead I will go more local and actually get the eggs for incubation. This year I have imported 30 eggs and only hatched one, and that has turned out to be a cockerel. As our nearest neighbour is over 200 yards away I think I will keep him for a while and see if he will do his duty to save me buying hatching eggs.

Well this is a start until next time

Toodle Pip