Random Thoughts on a Wet and Windy Day

Been looking on a forum I use today and one topic is the 9/11 and all the “hype” there is on TV together with all the presenters going off to New York for their programmes (and I suspect early Christmas shopping) Now I accept that this was about the biggest individual disaster since Hiroshima and Nagasaki should there be this much coverage in the media?. The UK has had well over 50 terrorist attacks over the last 35 years with many killed and thousands injured. We don’t celebrate these events we don’t have to the memories are in our heads and they don’t go away. Do we really need to send Jeremy Kyle, Lorraine Kelly, and all their entourages to tell us what we already know.

How about something like the Mexican Day of the Dead which is a national holiday to remember the dead?
This is the best Idea I have seen or heard.

Not wishing to bring religion into it too much, the R.C. church observes November as the month of the dead with 2nd of November being “All Souls Day” What more do we need?

By the way they soon stopped collecting for Noraid on the streets of New York after “9/11”

The very high winds last night threatened to rip the plastic roof off the girls run so we have decided to cover the roof with chicken wire to hold it all down.

Still got an egg eater. Must have a cast iron gut.

When did Soda stream change their cylinders so that they are too big for ours? Now we’ve got to get a new one?


For now

Toodle Pip