A Break From The Rain

Spent the morning putting chicken wire on the roof of the girls run whilst it’s not raining. The wind has dropped thank goodness so the job didn’t take too long

We are planning to see out architect tomorrow to check to see if he has actually sent the archaeologist report and the report on the cesspit to the council. We applied for the planning permission back in April so now it is September I feel that we should be getting somewhere. I would really like to have the converted barn ready to let in the spring. I must take some photos of it before we get started so we have the before and after.

I have been working on a book for visitors about the delights of County Mayo. When we went out on Tuesday I found a 3×3 fire blanket on sale for € 7.00 which is quite cheap considering I have seen them in UK for£ 25.00. Another Item for St. Joseph’s Lodge.

I was looking on a forum today and the subject was old comedies and contributors were reminiscing “On The Buses”, “Fools and  Horses” ” Till Death Us Do Part” and a whole load of others came up, then came the cruncher, some woman stated “some of those were so non PC that I blush”  Oh dear! good job she didn’t see “Love Thy Neighbour” or today’s “Mrs Brown’s Boys”. Some people need to “get a life”



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