Warm calm day with a light shower.

Well the plans of mite and men… We had planned to see our Architect today to try to find out just at what stage we were, if he has sent the reports in and so on. So we made a complete detour to Claremorris to see him BUT what do we find?  The door is locked. We just hope he hasn’t done a runner. He is so laid back he is horizontal. We will just have to keep on trying.

Today, as you can imagine,  was shopping day so we did some in Claremorris and some in Castlebar, ending up in Mannions Bar in Balla where they do a very good lunch.

The battery on our oil level sensor had expired and we were having difficulty getting one. You would have thought that the shop that sold the sensor would have also sold the batteries but no. We tried everywhere but in the end and following a brainwave we went to a jewellers and We got one. After we got home I replaced the battery and It works.

We have had warnings of very high winds over the next few days . I’m not looking forward to that!

With luck we will get down to the bog tomorrow to get some more winter fuel.

Well thats all for now

Toodle Pip


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