Warning Warning, Severe wind Warning (and no beans)

We have a severe storm warning for tonight and tomorrow and considering the there is nothing between us and the America but a mountain we are expecting a real hooey. Nothing we can do about it so no good to complain.
Managed to get a router table today, been after one for ages. They were on offer at Aldi.so I got there just after they opened 1/2 expecting to find that they had sold out but they had at least a dozen left.

Strange things happening to the girls we had 3 proper eggs today and one small one about the size of a 50p piece in diameter. Had a few like this lately. Perfect shell but no yoke, strange. Got an Idea one of them is going broody just hope Ghost will do his duty soon and help provide some fertile eggs soon.

Oh! well lets see what this week brings

Toodle Pip