Only One More|Trip to the Bog

As you can see the collection of the “Turf” is rather late compared to last year but fingers crossed it will be OK. To see the pictures larger just click on the picture.

We have had quite a nice day a little overcast but NO RAIN.

I have sorted out the problem of the archaeologist requirements for the planning permission all I need now is for the Engineer to wake up and to give me a report to say the Septic Tank is working properly then it’s all stations go to get the barn converted and this time I hope to remember to take a load of photographs of before during and after conversion. Short and sweet today so until next time

Toodle Pip

3 thoughts on “Only One More|Trip to the Bog

  1. Is that peat you are cutting? I envy you if it is, I am told that it smells wonderful when it is burning. Not something that we can get round here.

    • Hi,
      Yes it is and yes it does smell rather nice when it is burning. It’s all a new experience for us as we have only been over here for 2 years. We buy a line then it is cut so it is left for a time for the upper surface to dry then it is stacked or “footed” then when its dry its brought home ready for the winter. But because of several sudden trips to England it has been a little neglected this year and we are very late in getting it home.
      Thanks for your interest.


  2. it does smell just lovely wish we had it over here then it would remind me of your place xxx

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