Wonderful Things are Happening

At last we have got planning permission for the barn and after discussion with the builder we are looking forward to seeing the finished job. It’s going to cost a little more than we had hoped but it will be worth it in the end. In fact, to be honest, I miss running a business and this will be just the job to keep the mind occupied and to get the old skills working. I’ve got an expert designing a website for me and I know she will do us proud.

We went away earlier this month to England to help out our relatives (Maggie’s Sister and my Mum) It was quite hectic but it was necessary but while we were away the Chicken Coop (empty at the time) was subjected to very high winds and was wrecked so I’ve got a job to do. Seems the cockerel will have to go he is waking everyone up at stupid o’clock daily so I think he can have another month with the girls then it’s off to the freezer with him. I want to get some more girls soon so I will have to mend the coop and re-design the run for the new ones.

The other English people in the lane have their house up for sale I don’t think they want to but they are going back to Blighty to help elderly relatives. We will miss them when they go however this is not the ideal time to sell a house over here in Ireland.

The car failed the NCT (same as MOT) last week and has been fixed by  my very good friend Martin and it’s got a re test on the 5th.

They don’t have bonfire night over here instead the kits go wild on Halloween because fireworks are banned and anyway it was the English Parliament that was supposed to be blown up. Bonfires are also banned except for one day in the year June 23rd I think but I stand to be corrected.

Oh well must go I will try to be a little more regular with this in future


Till then Toodle Pip

Now We Have Settled Down After the Journey.

Well we’re back. Quite a busy time with getting various jobs done for Mum and then travelling over to Hastings to try to help Maggie with sorting out her sister’s affairs. You see Shirley’s home and chattels have to be sold to pay for her Nursing Home. Frankly I consider this to be outrageous. Her Father and Mother struggled for many years to buy their home and it was left to Shirley when they died. Since then she has worked and paid for the upkeep of the house for what? to have the place sold to pay for her Nursing Home!!!

Damn it she has worked all her life paying National Insurance and her taxes only to be robbed of her savings and property. To pay for the property everyone has to work, make savings and sacrifice unnecessary luxuries in order to keep one’s head above water. Bloody good of us all because we work to keep the idle sods who won’t Get off their A***s and work. Instead they ponce off us all for their living and Care and even as far as to the grave.

I remember the first colour television I saw inside a house was in a Council House rented by an unemployed bloke who admitted that he had no intention of working! Made us feel really good as we dealt with his chimney fire!

We can be a little placated in the knowledge that every item sold and every penny thus obtained well help towards Shirley’s care and comfort, after all she’s earned it


Thoughts. After Our Visit

My S.I.L has dementia  . She is not dead, she is not stupid, she is not without feelings. And yet,  just as happens when someone dies, the opportunist vultures descend looking for anything that may be of value,  and they leave with their cars overloaded with their goodies .

They spend their time picking up items and examining the base for any marks that they think they understand! When they don’t find any mark the item is quickly put down again .

The daytime television has a lot to answer for with all the antique shows because suddenly everyone is an expert

It’s hard work putting someone else’s property onto the market especially when the proceeds are to pay for your loved one’s care which is very expensive. It is a tremendous responsibility with it’s resultant stress; help should be given rather than unhelpful, patronizing,  lip service .

Ok Rant over

Toodle Pip

Well Off We Go

So I started off after church had finished and set up my sat nav and of I went toward Rosslare to catch the ferry to pembroke.

I had left plenty of time to allow for holdups ect . But there were no holdups at all just a very minor detour of no real concequence so I arrived with hours to spare still better hours early than ten minutes late

The weather in Ireland is wet miserable and completely opposite to that where Maggie is. They are having a barbque . I’ll put an end to that when I arrive.

Well enough for now.

Toodle Pip

Off Overseas

Well I’m off tomorrow to the coast ( a good place to catch a ferry) to Rosslair for the 9.15 crossing arriving at 12. 15 then off to a hotel for the night. On Monday find a good breakfast and then on to Burnham. Have lunch with my Mum and then find my caravan for the week.

Maggie has already gone to Hastings to start clearing and getting the house ready for sale. Bloody shame that someone who has worked to stay in the family home has to sell it to pay for her care. So much for “the Welfare State” looking after you from the cradle to the grave!!

Well dear readers I will endeavour to keep you informed via my mobile should I find any wi fi areas.

Till then Toodle Pip