Now We Have Settled Down After the Journey.

Well we’re back. Quite a busy time with getting various jobs done for Mum and then travelling over to Hastings to try to help Maggie with sorting out her sister’s affairs. You see Shirley’s home and chattels have to be sold to pay for her Nursing Home. Frankly I consider this to be outrageous. Her Father and Mother struggled for many years to buy their home and it was left to Shirley when they died. Since then she has worked and paid for the upkeep of the house for what? to have the place sold to pay for her Nursing Home!!!

Damn it she has worked all her life paying National Insurance and her taxes only to be robbed of her savings and property. To pay for the property everyone has to work, make savings and sacrifice unnecessary luxuries in order to keep one’s head above water. Bloody good of us all because we work to keep the idle sods who won’t Get off their A***s and work. Instead they ponce off us all for their living and Care and even as far as to the grave.

I remember the first colour television I saw inside a house was in a Council House rented by an unemployed bloke who admitted that he had no intention of working! Made us feel really good as we dealt with his chimney fire!

We can be a little placated in the knowledge that every item sold and every penny thus obtained well help towards Shirley’s care and comfort, after all she’s earned it