First Steps to Granny Flat

Well at last the planning permission has been approved the builder has been appointed and the internal layout has been thought out so now the work begins. We are preparing the site for two sheds one for workshop and machine store and one for potting shed and garden store. Intend to order the sheds next week.

Flu jab today so will have a sore arm for a day but that’s better than getting flu. Well worth it. Its free here if you can comply with certain conditions.

Jab not bad we were very brave and didn’t cry.

Went shopping today as it’s raining and on the way back went to the pub for lunch. We were earlier than normal and we had just sat down when 40 – 50 students from the local secondary school came in for lunch. I must say how very surprised I was at the behavour of them all. Wonderful, no shouting, no showing off in fact a joy to see. They use the pub every school day and are given free squash. It’s a good idea I think because they are getting into the pub culture and learning how to mix with the adults in a relaxed atmosphere. Why the pub? Because they don’t have school dinners in the senior school.

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