A Few Memories

I was drifting off while writing to a post on a forum thinking of my early memories. My first memories are of Cornwall where I was born. In my Grandparents bakery in Padstow the same room that my Mother was born in. I remember all the bake-house people making the pasties (no carrots). Grandad had a labrador called Kim and some times I would ride on his back. Grannie would take me down to the Harbour Cafe which they also owned where we would collect old bread and go and feed the gulls.

I can’t remember living in Leeds although we had 2 addresses there.

We moved to Swannington in Leicestershire. The house was a 2 up and 2 down with an outside toilet. There was no mains water (we had a well), no mains sewer (toilet was emptied by the Night Soil Man), we had no electricity (we had candles). Mum cooked on a range and the weekly wash was in the washouse. the boiler was heated by an open fire and I remember seeing her take a shovel full of the living room fire through to the boiler

My dad paid for all the services to be laid on. I saw the house recently and someone has bought the 2 houses and built an extension. It now looks really nice.

After that we moved to 2 more addresses in Leicestershire and then to a flat in Wisbech in the Isle of Ely. Dad was then promoted to 3rd Officer in Hastings Fire Brigade those houses were all very modern and up to todat’s standards