Getting there

Well so far so good. Went to se the surgeon last week and he is very pleased with his work. He told me that the cancer was confined to 2 layers of the oesophagus (there are 3 layers) so that was good news. He also said that there were 3 nodes affected two of which had been killed off bt the chemotherapy and one which was active however that was removed during the operation. In short all the cancer has been removed.

I am still feeling a little sore on my back and chest but even that is improving. I have a little problem with the eating and drinking so I have to keep to the little and often methods as my stomach has been stretched to replace my oesophagus so in effect is smaller.

Another side effect is my diabetes has improved and I have stopped taking one of my tablets because my blood sugar got very low (2) . Mr Collins (surgeon) said that this often happens and occasionally the need for diabetic medication goes (fingers crossed). He has advised me to see my GP to re-evaluate my medication.

Now all my pipes and tubes have been removed I can begin to live normally but I still am a little weak and I have lost quite a bit of weight (4 stone) so it’s exercise and eating and new trousers.

Maggie won’t let me do some of the things I want to get on with like fix the satellite dish on the chalet, plant the rhubarb, build a new chicken coop and run, you know little jobs well perhaps (she is right, maybe next week)

Till the next time


Onwards And Upwards

Well a month has passed since the operation and every day I seem to improve a little. Yes I am still living on pain killers but then the internal brusing is still coming out but after the lengthly surgery it’s only to be expected.

I have lost quite a bit of weight (on the surface I needed to) but on the down side I have become weaker and I am having to exercise each day to try to get my strength back. It’s going to take a while but it will come together in the end. I’m hoping to have a holiday towards the autumn and also to go to England to see my wonderful supportive children and grandchildren (I also want to see my great grandaughter)

I am being looked after by my wonderful Maggie ad I must say also that my cousin Pete has shown himself to be more than a relative but as a true friend. I can’t thank him enough.