It has been a very interesting day today. We went to call in on some friends that we hadn’t seen for a very long time well before my “inconvenience” earlier. We approached with a little trepidation not knowing what out reception would be. We had no need to worry because once again we were welcomed with open arms. We sat and talked and and spent so long catching up when suddenly 3 hours had passed us by. Just shows the effect that friends have on time.

Interesting word “friends” we make all sorts of friends and in theory we should end up with thousands of friends but we don’t How do you define friend. I saw on T.V. recently someone define a friend as someone who will help you move, A real friend is someone who will help you move a body.

Some people refer to friends as mates. I don’t think that is the same thing at all because there are all sorts of mates I mean a work-mate is not necessarily a friend. But of course there are the false friends who only want to use you for what they can gain. I suppose that real friendship is a kind of love for someone, a real bond

There are also the “Fair weather friends” whilst times are good they are there and promise the earth BUT when the skies are cloudy they are gone like a flash

There is another type of friend the one who is full on for a time then a new friend comes along and everyone else ceases to exist a bit like a teenage crush when the same thing happens.

I am very fortunate, I have so many good friends and over the years only a few have let me down but when they have it really hurt like the end of a love affair.

I think I will try to cheer up now.

Toodle pip

My Wonderful Family

I just want to publicly say how proud and grateful I am to my three children, Anthony, Natalie and Louise for their help and care that they have shown to my sister-in-law Shirley over the last three years both whilst Shirley was in the nursing home and sadly after her death this month.

Anthony visited Shirley almost every week to read the local paper to her and to tell her the family news, even in the latter months when there was no response from Shirley. In his own way Anthony still continued with his thankless, self-imposed task. He was also looking after her house whilst hoping for council accommodation which must have been very frustrating for him because as he is house sitting he is very low on the priorities, even though his status of homelessness is imminent.

My girls,Natalie and Louise, regularly visited Shirley when they could despite their work and family commitments. This was a task which was surrounded by love and happy memories, memories which cannot be erased because they are so deep.Not everyone appreciated their efforts to make Shirley’s last years comfortable and happy but they can be assured that their parents do.
Both my wife Margaret and I are very proud of our wonderful children


( It’s a parent’s job to embarrass their children)

Goodbye, it Was Good to Know You

Dear Sister in Law died Friday 19th July 2013 at 20 30. She was living in a nursing home in Hastings and had been there for almost 3 years. Unfortunately the poor love had a form of dementia which was suspected to be Louie Body dementia ( this can only be definitely diagnosed by a post-mortem)

Shirley in happier times

Shirley in happier times

What can I say about Shirley? She was a caring loving person who would do almost anything to help people.She had a welcoming smile which anyone who visited her would have known especially during the last three years whilst she was in St. Dominic’s Nursing Home

She had a cheery nature and really had one huge passion in life – The garden. It has been said that you are nearer to God in the garden that’s where she found peace and therefore that’s where she found God.

Shirley was married but alas for only 13 months, to the man she loved, Charlie. Charlie died of leukaemia so most of her marriage was spent nursing him which she did with a will and that warm smile.

Perhaps the best dedication to Shirley would be to use the words that we found when we were looking for something for her whilst she was in St. Dominic’s

I’ve written of Audrey, told you about John
Bernie and Margaret, I could go on,
But I’ve yet to tell you, in case you call,
Of the sweetest daughter of them all

I won’t give her name, I will let you guess
Although I did mention her with the rest
Look at her eyes; see how they sparkle with joy
Just feel her muscles, just like a boy

She used to cycle to work each day
And give a cheery “Good morning” to all on the way
She carried her bicycle up and down Claremont step,
And into the basement, where it was kept

Up in the lift to the department each day,
She would shed so much sunshine on her way
Good morning Diane, good morning Arthur and Fred
And all the others as down the room she would tread

I cannot call her “she” anymore I must reveal her name
Although I expect you have guessed, all the same
I won’t try to fox you or get you conned
Yes it’s Shirley Elizabeth Bond

Shirley loves to travel to lands across the sea
When she returns it’s a job to settle, so she was telling me
It’s Norway, Italy, Portugal and Spain
And for her, this country is never the same

We once went to Wales and the Isle of Man
The weather was pleasant but it’s abroad where you tan
Although we enjoyed it, it was quite good fun
I think Shirley would rather have Portugal sun

Shirley’s a busy lass, with so much to do
There’s cooking, washing and shopping too
When work is done and all other palaver
She has to go home to look after father

Now Shirley thinks the world of her Dad
Her sisters and in-laws say he’s the best to be had
They don’t always see eye to eye and will argue things out
But it all comes out in the end without any doubt.

The garden is planted and tended by Shirley’s own hand
The trees, plants and flowers are all really grand
How she finds time to do all the things to be done
Puzzles me and I’m sure everyone

Now things at work don’t seem to be going so well
What with bonus schemes and gossips it makes life hell
But Shirley keeps on still being cheerful and nice
One wonders how she copes with so much to suffice

Shirley has not been well of late it’s trouble with her back
The doctor says she’s anaemic some vitamins she lack
But she still presses on with her cheery song
And nobody speaks any wrong

If you get to know Shirley as many of us do
You will find her lovable, Honest and true
She’ll be your friend with a bond that won’t sever
And you will be glad forever and ever
(Charles John Hedges 1914 -1984)

Unfortunately Shirley was not well towards the end as she had dementia and she had trouble remembering things and eventually people.

She has now gone to join Charlie to continue their love together

So goodbye Shirley it was good to have known you

Deep peace of the running wave to you.

Deep peace of the flowing air to you.

Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.

Deep peace of the shining stars to you.

Deep peace of the Son of Peace to you.