Hello World

Well it’s been a while since I’ve written on here well things have been busy with one thing and another.

The barn has been busy with wall to wall guests staying which means a quick changeover each Saturday with cleaning, re-stocking, checking that everything is how we would like it if we were staying there and weather permitting grass cutting and window cleaning.

We had the Sister in Law staying with us for a fortnight and that involved several trips out Not that I mind as I also enjoy sharing Ireland through their eyes.

The house in Hastings is up for sale under a different estate agent on the advice of the solicitor and already there has been an offer. But it has got to be improved. They are trying every trick in the book to get the price down. You know “it needs a new bathroom and kitchen” No it doesn’t but no matter what they will renew the bathroom and kitchen anyway so they have that expense when or before they move in. That’s their problem not our’s.

Took the car for the National Car Test today and it failed – brakes. It’s safe to drive but it has to be fixed so a frantic call to the garage was made and now I’m waiting for a call back to tell me when they can fix it. I’ve got 21 days for the re test otherwise I have to have the full test for     €50.00 again.

The weather here is wild and like a baby – wet and windy but it won’t be like it forever.

The county have got to the all Ireland GAA football final and tickets are like gold dust. I shall be watching it on TV cheering the lads on. Whilst I was staying in the lodge at Galway hospital I was told that none of the players are paid to play. Perhaps that’s why the game is played with such passion which makes it a better game to watch. I admit I am a convert. I think I prefer the football to the Hurling but let’s give it a little more time. I must go down to see the local team play sometime. They are quite successful. I do support them by buying their lottery tickets and the other week I got three numbers which enters me into the holiday draw which is drawn at the end of the year. That would be nice for the anniversary year.

Oh well till next time

Toodle Pip

I Know, I’ve Been There, I’ve Done That, I’ve Seen That.

Once there was a man seen pushing a pig down the road. He was really struggling and sweating but he was getting there. Another man started to give him a hand and when he got to his house the first man said to the other one “Here mate will you give me a hand to get the pig upstairs?” So he did. “Help me get the pig into the bath will you” So he did.

When this was done the second man asked the first man why?

“Well you see my wife knows everything , You can’t tell her anything, You tell her something and she always says “I know,”

Well tomorrow morning when she gets up to have her morning bath she will come back screaming “Jim quick! There’s a pig in the bath” And I will smile and say quietly “Yes I Know…”

I know someone like that.

I know someone like that.