Life Goes On

Well it’s now 10 months since my operation and I have been to see Mr Collins for the third time. He is still pleased with my progress except that I have now got a hernia because of the weakened stomach muscles. He is not over concerned and would prefer to wait 6 months before fixing it. He said it’s a simple job and as I have no pain or discomfort it should be no problem; however he did say that if I was unhappy to call him and he would have me in to get it fixed. I’m quite happy about that. ( link to original post  )

Mr Collins did ask me if I would be prepared, “as a survivor”, to talk to people about my cancer especially around “lollipop day” at the end of February. Of course I agreed a chance to give something back. I am quite looking forward to it. (The Oesophageal Cancer Fund


We’ve had a hectic few days. Left home at 11 to take an hours trip to Galway to pick up the van before setting off to Rosslare and sailing to Pembroke well we got to Enterprise and when I went to pay with my debit card they then asked to see two utility bills. Naturally this is something I always have about my person – not! So back home to collect the bills and then back to Galway. A stupid 2 hour delay so began a rush to the docks without a break to get there just as they were loading. Still just is enough (nearly is not)

We got to Pembroke at 0045 and a short trip we arrived at our overnight accommodation and we were soon asleep

Next day we had breakfast at our usual cafe and we were on our way to Hastings to empty the house and to bring our son back to Ireland with us

All the family turned up together with boyfriends and for three days the house was a hive of industry. Woody, a  friend of Louise and Wayne, brought his van and took several trips to the Council Tip (they wouldn’t allow the bigger vans in which was stupid as they hadn’t informed us of that regulation so without Woody’s help we would have been stuck)


Saul the tail lift operator

Saul the tail lift operator




The younger ones needed a rest

The younger ones needed a rest

And that's it The end of an era Off to a new start after 4 years at Hastings

And that’s it The end of an era Off to a new start after 4 years at Hastings

After a few tearful goodbyes we set off for a leisurely trip home Stopping at Pembroke and Rosslair on the way

Wonderful Week


So we had a message from our youngest daughter “We have decided to get married next month” well I was delighted though a little cautious. Well they have only been together for 14 years so they are rushing it a bit.


This coincided with a very hectic time as the Hastings house has been sold and completion is due at the end of January we had a trip over to England amidst the wind and the rain. We were fortunate that the wind had died down and the ship was available to go over for the 4 hour journey.


Off we went and arrived the next day into Hastings. Our grand daughter had the idea to have a last family get-together on the day before the wedding. Brilliant idea a sort of last supper so to speak


What an emotionally happy day that turned out to be with many memories both happy and sad

last supperlast supper4




1last supper

I found another “Charlieism”

 It’s not a showpiece it’s just a road

People have lived here for years

The children play and have much fun

The adults work with sweat and tears


Some are fortunate and have a car

Able to go out for the day

Some tend the garden or polish the home

Or amuse themselves in some other way


The road has it’s lonely it’s sick and infirm

And others have vigour and health

Some go to church while others stay home

And many are poor while others have wealth


The road is high up and has quite a view

It looks out over the park

In the daytime it’s sunshine and joy

But at night-time so dismal and dark


Look in at a house, say number five

A couple with four children live there

They come home at night and close the door

The home is the castle, for whom should they care


Say twenty-one with its husband and wife

A small child in her high chair

The man goes of to the stamp shop each day

No wonder they haven’t a care


Now nineteen is different it’s a home not a house

The garden is decked with bright flowers

In the corner the workshop where so much is made

Wooden horses and forts with great towers


At home there’s the father, with his daughter too

Together they’ve known grief and sorrow

But like so many in this road

They look forward to a brighter tomorrow


Where is this place of which we read?

“Tell me give me the post code”

It has no code and it’s not well known

So if lost ask for Burry Road.

(Charles John Hedges)

The day after the Last Supper was the wedding Oh what a wonderful day that turned out to be


We went to the Registry Office just before the time and there was the usual nervous expectation in the atmosphere but there was no need to worry because everything went very well and Louise finally got married to her best friend Wayne


Nervous Anticipation

Nervous Anticipation


The Vows (no turning back now)

The Vows (no turning back now)


Just Married Brilliant!

Just Married Brilliant!