Dip dip dip

My blue ship

sails on the water

Like a…


One potato two potato three potato four

Five potato six potato….


Eeny meenie miney mo

Catch a……


Jeremy Clarkson is to be hauled over the coals because of a “racist remark”  when, in his way, he had to chose between two very similar cars, he reverted to the playground rhyme “eeny meenie miney mo, catch a…”

What is racist about that!?

Let’s turn the coin over for a minute

I am white,I was born in England and I live in the countryside so I am:

A Pom, A Limey, A Sasanach, A Sows, Les Goddams, Saeson, İngiltere, Britisher, Inselaffe, Carrot Cruncher, Brit, Rosbeef to mention just a few. Do I take offence? No,Not in the least because no offence is intended.The racism is not in the word but in the feeling behind the word.

Was i really necessary to change boot polish colour to “Dark Tan” instead of N***r brown, and to ban Gollyw*gs

Even the “Dam Busters” film had to be dubbed because of Guy Gibson’s dog’ name. How stupid can you get.

I now live in Ireland the land of Paddies and Micks,

The wnglish Cricket team still play the Aussies, Windies, Indians and Packistan!

For heavens sake lets get back to reality and start calling a spade a spade and stop being so mealy mouthed