The Photograph


Back in April I went to see my Mum in Somerset. While we were there we went shopping in a nearby town we had a phone call from our daughter in Kent “We’re in Tesco do you want anything?” Big laugh “No seriously, we are at Tesco in Burnham”  

Our Daughter and family had driven 200 miles to surprise us. That certainly did they did that!. We all went round to Mum and had a very good day.and In the evening they left for their 200 mile journey back home.

While we were staying in Burnham we decided to have a look at some caravan sites nearby and we found one that we didn’t know about that was very near to Mum. We had a look and found that it was quite reasonable.

After we got back home to Ireland we were talking to our daughter who said “That was a lovely day I wish we could do it again” That got me thinking…

I made some more investigations, made some decisions, contacted my family and booked three caravans at the holiday site. It had to be in August because of holiday rotas and school holidays. Everyone was invited together with their partners. The excitement started in April and increased ever onwards.  

Two weeks before the holiday Mum helped by falling and breaking her leg. This meant her having a trip to Weston Hospital where she stayed for two weeks. Not long for a 92 year old (she was sent home alone!) Oh Well we can all go and see her somehow. 

Came the holiday and a disaster of an overnight stay for us Irish contingent (another story). We arrived on the Saturday while the others were due on the Monday (That turned out to be a very hectic day) Oh what a week that turned out to be absolutely marvelous Much laughter and fun; we even all played bingo (2 of our gang won!!)

On the Thursday before most of the gang had to go home we gathered at Mums house for a family photograph. 


A 5 generation photograph Fantastic Mum even got Dad’s picture in there. This is what memories are made of.

Five Generations






Just Jogging Along

So I’m sitting here thinking I will just finish this cup of coffee and get outside and do some more to the new “Cluckingham Palace” (Chicken run and coop) when the wind changed got stronger and the rain started so I suddenly thought I haven’t done anything on this for some time so here we go.

I have decided to attempt a family holiday near to my Mum I invited my immediate family and their other halves and out of 19, 16 are coming to the gathering occupying three caravans. I think there will be much wine etc. taken, considerable laughter and fun but most of all I’m hoping for that wonderful photograph of 5 generations. BUT Mum fell over last week and is now in hospital with a broken femur. She is doing well but she will be in for a while. They are talking about her being transferred to a hospital nearer to her home which is more like a cottage hospital and therefore more relaxed than a general hospital. So there’s still hope for the photo. The Irish contingent will be travelling next week to take the two day journey.

The rest of the “troops” will be arriving two days later then look out Somerset. We’ve nothing planned it will be spontaneous which I think is always best.


We have been quite busy with St. Joseph holiday cottage with visitors from England, America, Scotland, Wales, Australia, Canada, with bookings for the future from USA and Germany. Fuel It all helps to pay for the winter fuel etc.

Ireland 122

Talking about fuel I feel quite proud to say that I managed to get the turf in this year (with a little help from Anthony) You may remember that I couldn’t do it last year ( a very good friend Christie did it for me turning, footing, bringing it home and storing) but I was determined to do it. Next year I shall be getting two lines (10 wide by 100 m long) to ensure we have plenty and to allow it to season even more.


Anthony with the last piece of turf

Well till the next time so long and I will publish that 5 generation picture somehow. (they don’t really like more than two at the bedside in hospital but ways and means.