Been Quite a Busy and Stressful Time

My mum went into hospital a while back Broke her hip and was discharged just before the family holiday (see my blog (the photograph) )

It was considered by her doctor and all of us that she was discharged far too early to be home alone.Mum is aged 92. I have sent in a complaint to the Health Authority but they are trying the delaying tactics. I think they are waiting to see just what I will do hoping, I suppose that I will go away. Are they in for a disappointment!   Just to show you what I have complained about I list the points here:

  1. I often had to press hard to get even the slightest information from the ward staff despite taking the precaution of setting up the password                                        (Whenever I phoned and asked how she was I usually only got the reply “Oh She’s OK”)
  2.  One nurse said that her dementia was really bad and that made communication difficult!                                                                                                                              (My mother does not have dementia but she is profoundly deaf and I would have thought that even the newest nurse would be able to tell the difference)
  3.  It was often implied that Mum would have some time in B Hospital for rehabilitation  (They later told me that B Hospital will not take patients from WSM                             (I later found out, by other means, that B Hospital does not accept patients from W –  I am now informed by her G.P. that transfer to B Hospital would have been possible)
  4.  One nurse did not even know which leg she had broken!                                           (The question I put to the nurse was, is it the same leg that she broke 6 years ago? So there could be no confusion between left and right!)
  5.  The Independent Living Team said that they would organise aids for her and also led us to believe that a meals on wheels service via the Red Cross would also be set up                                                                                                                                            (I am now informed that there is no “meals on wheels” facilities in the area)
  6.  Why was my mother sent home without any discharge letter?
  7.  Why was there no district nurse assigned to carry surgery after care?                       ( A week after her discharge, whilst on a holiday in the area, my wife had to contact the District Nurse to check the wound and remove the sutures.  . Although they had no knowledge of my mother’s injury they did attended promptly)
  8.  Why was her G.P. not informed of this incident?

I think we will have to wait and see!!!

A few weeks later mum was found by the evening carer to be in a confused state and to put it in a nutshell the Paramedics were called they called an “out of hours” doctor who refused to go out untill the paramedics strongly insisted (Took him 2 hours then he gave her an antibiotic) we received a call to say that mum had been found in the bath unable to get out The paramedics were called and she was taken to hospital.

While she was there Mum decided that she wanted to go into a care home. (I would have liked for her to come to me but the Doctor told me that flying was out of the question because of the risk of D.V.T and the road /ferry trip was impractical.

She is now in a care home where she tells me that she is very happy. (Plenty going on) 24 hour care weekly visits to the home by the hairdresser and the doctor (just happens to be her own doctor) and the home specialises in care people with sensory difficulties especially hearing and sight. I feel that a whole load has been lifted from my shoulders.

I am going over to England next week before heading off on our Golden Wedding Holiday (Honeymoon?) We have extended our stay to see mum and to see just what her wishes are with regard to her property etc. and we are all going over for a week later to carry out all that needs to be done. Expensive time but after all she is my mum.

Well it looks like out holiday home letting has ended for the year with no more bookings but we have already got some for 2015 We have had some very different people during the year from all over the world. All very nice. We don’t make a lot of money enough to pay the fuel bills so helps out the pensions.

Well that’s it for now until after the Golden Wedding Holiday when I will bore you all with the stories and pictures of out trip.