News and Journalism

So a 23 year old girl takes off her top in a “holy” mountain and gets a £850.00 fine and a short jail sentence. Major news which lasts for days on radio and TV discussed endlessly on radio. Obviously there’s not much wrong in the world for this to warrant so much publicity. I suppose the lady in question will now achieve the status of celebrity with all the trappings associated with it. Thoughts of Erica Rowe come to mind) TV interviews, Big Brother, shop openings, fete openings etc. all for becoming a public nuisance. Stupid child should grow up and learn respect for others especially when in other countries where believe it or not she is representing the English just as other countries are judged by us when their citizens visit us.

I was on a weekend break to Paris some years ago and we decided to visit the Notre Dame cathedral where we were amazed to see a large number of “oriental” tourists climbing over the barriers and pews shouting to each other disturbing the peace and tranquillity of that beautiful place just to get a better photograph of each other in front of the main altar. My opinion of any “oriental” tourist with a camera was very low for a very long time. It was sheer disrespect. BUT did it make the news for days on end? No those were the days of proper reporting not of finding an insignificant “story” blowing it up out of all proportion and then milking it dry then repeating it over and over again.

I used to frequent a pub which was also used by a number of reporters, some freelance some committed to one newspaper or other. Two of them made a good living by taking a short story and investigating it properly then selling it back to the same paper for a large fee. I was also in the pub one evening when another reporter said to me as he ordered me a pint “what do you think of this tale about … I then gave him my opinion. The following morning that story was written with a sentence at the end “A spokesman said…” and there were the very words had said in the pub the night before. All for a pint oh! I do sell my words cheaply!

My opinion – LAZY JOURNALISM!!

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