Christmas quiz 2015

Well here it is this year’s quiz

You may cheat -if you want to

You may Google – if you wish

Or you may just look at the answers by highlighting over the square brackets

So ready – here we go


  1. How many packs of cards are needed for a game of Canasta? [Two]
  2. Which soap has one of the pub “The Malt Shovel?” [Emmerdale]
  3. What is the lowest weight in boxing? [Light featherweight]
  4. Who was Sonny’s singing partner? [Cher]
  5. Where would you find the Mount of the Moon and the Girdle of Venus? [Palm of your hand]
  6. What was Al Capone’s first name? [Alphonse]
  7. Where would you most likely to use the inventions of Kenneth Wood? [Kitchen]
  8. In darts what is the lowest score from three different trebles? [18]
  9. Who wrote “A Brief History of Time”? [Stephen Hawking]
  10. Smee was the boson who was the Pirate? [Captain Hook]
  11. What is dried in an Oast House? [Hops]
  12. Which Pub sells Newton & Ridley? [Rovers Return]
  13. What is a group of porpoises called? [School]
  14. What colour did all lupins used to be? [Blue]
  15. What is a young badger called? [Cub]
  16. Which city was built on seven hills? [Rome]
  17. What is a painted lady? [Butterfly]
  18. What is “mal de mer”? [Sea sickness]
  19. Who is Bruce Wayne? [Batman]
  20. What is Ozzy Ozbourne’s first name? [John]
  21. What do the letters RAM stand for? [Random Access Memory]
  22. What does a man do on two legs a woman do sitting down and a dog on three legs (keep it clean) [shake hands]
  23. When was the first appendix operation performed? [1885]
  24. What was Elvis’s first film? [Love me Tender]
  25. What does an Arab Horse have less of than any other horse? [One vertebra less]
  26. Who was the only English pope? [Nicholas Breakspear Pope Adrian IV]
  27. What colour is the ribbon of the Victoria Cross [Purple]
  28. Which days did the Boomtown Rats not like? [Mondays]
  29. What does beer contain which ale traditionally did not? [Hops]
  30. Name three African countries beginning with Z [Zambia, Zimbabwe, Zaire]

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