Just Jogging Along

So I’m sitting here thinking I will just finish this cup of coffee and get outside and do some more to the new “Cluckingham Palace” (Chicken run and coop) when the wind changed got stronger and the rain started so I suddenly thought I haven’t done anything on this for some time so here we go.

I have decided to attempt a family holiday near to my Mum I invited my immediate family and their other halves and out of 19, 16 are coming to the gathering occupying three caravans. I think there will be much wine etc. taken, considerable laughter and fun but most of all I’m hoping for that wonderful photograph of 5 generations. BUT Mum fell over last week and is now in hospital with a broken femur. She is doing well but she will be in for a while. They are talking about her being transferred to a hospital nearer to her home which is more like a cottage hospital and therefore more relaxed than a general hospital. So there’s still hope for the photo. The Irish contingent will be travelling next week to take the two day journey.

The rest of the “troops” will be arriving two days later then look out Somerset. We’ve nothing planned it will be spontaneous which I think is always best.


We have been quite busy with St. Joseph holiday cottage with visitors from England, America, Scotland, Wales, Australia, Canada, with bookings for the future from USA and Germany. Fuel It all helps to pay for the winter fuel etc.

Ireland 122

Talking about fuel I feel quite proud to say that I managed to get the turf in this year (with a little help from Anthony) You may remember that I couldn’t do it last year ( a very good friend Christie did it for me turning, footing, bringing it home and storing) but I was determined to do it. Next year I shall be getting two lines (10 wide by 100 m long) to ensure we have plenty and to allow it to season even more.


Anthony with the last piece of turf

Well till the next time so long and I will publish that 5 generation picture somehow. (they don’t really like more than two at the bedside in hospital but ways and means.

Chicken and Things

Well we moved the original chicken run and coop to position it next to the walk in run ready for any new girls we may have. I must re- design and repair the run and repair the coop. The place where it was has now bee cleared of all vegetation including weeds and all we have to do now is to turn it over to get the manure into the ground and then Maggie has a new flower garden in the front. She has already got a lot of bulbs for it. It should look fabulous when its in bloom.

I have decided to cover the ground in the walk in run with bark or wood chippings and to place a paving slab by the door. this should be a vast improvement for everyone.

Maggie has a little problem so I’m taking her to see the Doctor today so I’ll probably go on to Woodies and get the bits for the run.

With luck the weather will hold until late tomorrow so we can get the rest of the turf in.

We had some luck over the weekend. I got approval from the archaeologist and the engineer and they have informed the Council of their findings so all being well Planning permission will be coming soon for our Grannie Annex.

Just come in from checking for eggs and I think one is going broody. If so I now know why she would be called a clocking hen. The noise she makes is like a clock. Strange.

Oh by the way I’m not putting this on facebook any more after this. Just have to log in. It’s on my profile.