Another Week Goes By


Our guests finally arrived at about 12.30 (night-time). Poor loves had a hell of a day started at 6 and their car broke down so they missed their ferry. Re-booked the ferry and had a 5 hour drive to us in the rain and dark. We met them and gave them the briefest trip around the chalet as they both looked shattered. We went back to the film we were watching about Enid Blyton which was very good and an eye opener so we didn’t get to bed until ½ past one.


I’ve tried out my new petrol strimmer – it’s a beast! It knocked down the tall grass and weeds in next to no time at all so while I was in the mood, after dinner, I got out Thunderbird 3 (ride on mower) and cut all the grass.


Patrick and Michael came this morning with the “Jack and Jill” seat. Patrick had already delivered the picnic table. Both are strongly made which is what I wanted. I will have to sand them both down because the wood preservative he has used has brought up the grain so it needs to be smoothed down which will finish the job.

I’ve noticed another job to do – all 3 sheds need a coat of preservative when I can and the whole of the bungalow needs to be painted. Tell me, how did I find time to go to work?

Off to see Jimmy in the morning to try to sort out the diabetic medication as it’s gone haywire lately. I woke up this morning at half past four and I felt a hypo coming on so pinched Maggie’s orange and a naughty bar which settled everything then just before breakfast my reading was only just over 3 (normal for me is 5 to 6) so I’ve not taken any medication today I will before bed. I have to see Jimmy before I eat so I cannot afford to have a very low reading as I have to drive there.  Afterwards Maggie has an appointment at Mayo General for an gastroscope examination possibly a C.T. scan as well. The poor love has to be starving and the appointment isn’t until 1 o’clock. Just a bit unreasonable.


Saw Jimmy this morning and he took several blood tests and he will decide what to do when the results come back in 2 weeks time.

Took Maggie to the hospital for some tests to make sure that all is well and she has an inflamation in her stomach nothing more, thank goodness. That trip took the rest of the day so the evening was taken up with relaxing after the anxious afternoon that we had. (Understandable after my experience last year)


Another fine day and time to do a little work in the garden. Decided to take the chicken feed (2 bags) around to the shed and to save overdoing it put them into the wheelbarrow, well now it’s a barrow not a wheelbarrow because the wheel has broken. Spent the next hour constructing a trolley that I bought months ago so that was the end of the morning. The afternoon was spent rubbing down the picnic table and applying some wood preservative to it. Now “tis proper job” I shall have to do the same to the Jack and Jill seat. And the other old Jack and Jill seat will have to be repaired and rubbed down to the bare wood and a good coat of preservative applied.

Saw our guests this afternoon and everything seems to be well and they are enjoying themselves. They said that they will be leaving early on Saturday would you believe 8.30!!

I phoned our guests for next week who are coming from Leeds. They expect to be here about 6 o’ clock in the evening.I explained the fault on the sat nav as they all fail to accept that the road between Balla and Mayo Abbey is continuous. Hope they have a good time and weather.


I don’t think I mentioned that my grand-daughter Lily is at Glastonbury no not as an artist but she is being paid to be part of their security and she is enjoying every minute

Managed to get a new wheel for the barrow and now it is a wheel-barrow again


Shopping day so off to Castlebar to get the essentials and the welcome breakfast pack for the cottage guests arriving on Saturday. On the way back we called into our watering hole (Mannions) for a glass of lunch and some food.


Well our Scottish guests left this morning and left some lovely comments in the visitors book although they were very quiet they seemed to enjoy themselves and their comments backed this up. We have a book in the cottage called the experiences book for guests to write any good experiences they have had like a good place to visit or a good meal they have had so that other guests can share their good times. This book is filling up quite nicely and their exploring will be a help for others

Phoned my brother in Australia this morning as it is his birthday. I called him on my mobile sounds extravagant but Tesco mobile only costs 1¢ per minute so our 42 minute call only cost me 42¢ not bad.

We are expecting our next visitors at about 6 o’clock this evening hope they are as nice as our previous guests but then as my cousin Peter says they are all nice they’re on holiday.

And Life Goes On

It’s hard to believe that Maisie and Andy have been home for a week. Time has gone by so fast while we have been getting everything ready for the next 7 weeks while we have guests staying at St. Joseph Lodge.

For some reason the smoke detector has fallen off the ceiling and I have had to re-fix it. I don’t know of the way to determine the location of the joists above the ceiling to screw the detector up there so I use double sided tape which usually works quite well.(any hints welcome)

The lawn had to be cut, well I say lawn but consider that until we moved in it has always been pasture so we have a lovely expance of clover and buttercups but at least when it’s cut it’s all green.

I got attacked this week! There I was collecting the eggs when there was a flash as Rastus the cockerel charged in and pecked me drawing blood. I gently explaned to him that he could have that one but once more then he goes to a very cold place (freezer)

The Grass was long but not now

The Grass was long but not now

When I was cutting the grass (and clover and buttercups) the grass at the edges was waist high and considering that my petrol strimmer is rubbish I have decided to get a new one so off I went and now I have got a super one and there will be no stopping me soon.

It has been an expensive week as I have also had to get a new battery for Dad’s old car. I like to keep it running as it has a tow bar fitted so it is used for taking the bins to the bottom of the lane for collection and for taking my little trailer when I go to get straw for the chicken runs. It is also used for getting the turf in (when I am able to do it).

On that score if anyone is interested I am recovering from the surgery quite well with only a few aches now, the scars are pulling a bit but I am able to do a little more each day. I am having a little difficulty in controlling my diabetes at the moment because just lately I am getting a reading of 2 – 3 instead of 5 – 6 and I am afraid of going into a hypo so I am reluctant to take my medication until much later in the day. (and then I don’t take all of them) however I am seeing Jimmy (Dr) on Tuesday so hopefully we will be able to sort it out a little better.

We have a lady from Scotland coming on Saturday for a week staying in St. Joseph Lodge then the fun begins as we have seven weeks back to back. The guests are scheduled to leave by 10 o’ clock and the new ones arrive after 3 o’ clock so everything must be perfect for when the new guests arrive.


Wonderful Things are Happening

At last we have got planning permission for the barn and after discussion with the builder we are looking forward to seeing the finished job. It’s going to cost a little more than we had hoped but it will be worth it in the end. In fact, to be honest, I miss running a business and this will be just the job to keep the mind occupied and to get the old skills working. I’ve got an expert designing a website for me and I know she will do us proud.

We went away earlier this month to England to help out our relatives (Maggie’s Sister and my Mum) It was quite hectic but it was necessary but while we were away the Chicken Coop (empty at the time) was subjected to very high winds and was wrecked so I’ve got a job to do. Seems the cockerel will have to go he is waking everyone up at stupid o’clock daily so I think he can have another month with the girls then it’s off to the freezer with him. I want to get some more girls soon so I will have to mend the coop and re-design the run for the new ones.

The other English people in the lane have their house up for sale I don’t think they want to but they are going back to Blighty to help elderly relatives. We will miss them when they go however this is not the ideal time to sell a house over here in Ireland.

The car failed the NCT (same as MOT) last week and has been fixed by  my very good friend Martin and it’s got a re test on the 5th.

They don’t have bonfire night over here instead the kits go wild on Halloween because fireworks are banned and anyway it was the English Parliament that was supposed to be blown up. Bonfires are also banned except for one day in the year June 23rd I think but I stand to be corrected.

Oh well must go I will try to be a little more regular with this in future


Till then Toodle Pip

Now We Have Settled Down After the Journey.

Well we’re back. Quite a busy time with getting various jobs done for Mum and then travelling over to Hastings to try to help Maggie with sorting out her sister’s affairs. You see Shirley’s home and chattels have to be sold to pay for her Nursing Home. Frankly I consider this to be outrageous. Her Father and Mother struggled for many years to buy their home and it was left to Shirley when they died. Since then she has worked and paid for the upkeep of the house for what? to have the place sold to pay for her Nursing Home!!!

Damn it she has worked all her life paying National Insurance and her taxes only to be robbed of her savings and property. To pay for the property everyone has to work, make savings and sacrifice unnecessary luxuries in order to keep one’s head above water. Bloody good of us all because we work to keep the idle sods who won’t Get off their A***s and work. Instead they ponce off us all for their living and Care and even as far as to the grave.

I remember the first colour television I saw inside a house was in a Council House rented by an unemployed bloke who admitted that he had no intention of working! Made us feel really good as we dealt with his chimney fire!

We can be a little placated in the knowledge that every item sold and every penny thus obtained well help towards Shirley’s care and comfort, after all she’s earned it