The Photograph


Back in April I went to see my Mum in Somerset. While we were there we went shopping in a nearby town we had a phone call from our daughter in Kent “We’re in Tesco do you want anything?” Big laugh “No seriously, we are at Tesco in Burnham”  

Our Daughter and family had driven 200 miles to surprise us. That certainly did they did that!. We all went round to Mum and had a very good day.and In the evening they left for their 200 mile journey back home.

While we were staying in Burnham we decided to have a look at some caravan sites nearby and we found one that we didn’t know about that was very near to Mum. We had a look and found that it was quite reasonable.

After we got back home to Ireland we were talking to our daughter who said “That was a lovely day I wish we could do it again” That got me thinking…

I made some more investigations, made some decisions, contacted my family and booked three caravans at the holiday site. It had to be in August because of holiday rotas and school holidays. Everyone was invited together with their partners. The excitement started in April and increased ever onwards.  

Two weeks before the holiday Mum helped by falling and breaking her leg. This meant her having a trip to Weston Hospital where she stayed for two weeks. Not long for a 92 year old (she was sent home alone!) Oh Well we can all go and see her somehow. 

Came the holiday and a disaster of an overnight stay for us Irish contingent (another story). We arrived on the Saturday while the others were due on the Monday (That turned out to be a very hectic day) Oh what a week that turned out to be absolutely marvelous Much laughter and fun; we even all played bingo (2 of our gang won!!)

On the Thursday before most of the gang had to go home we gathered at Mums house for a family photograph. 


A 5 generation photograph Fantastic Mum even got Dad’s picture in there. This is what memories are made of.

Five Generations






Now We Have Settled Down After the Journey.

Well we’re back. Quite a busy time with getting various jobs done for Mum and then travelling over to Hastings to try to help Maggie with sorting out her sister’s affairs. You see Shirley’s home and chattels have to be sold to pay for her Nursing Home. Frankly I consider this to be outrageous. Her Father and Mother struggled for many years to buy their home and it was left to Shirley when they died. Since then she has worked and paid for the upkeep of the house for what? to have the place sold to pay for her Nursing Home!!!

Damn it she has worked all her life paying National Insurance and her taxes only to be robbed of her savings and property. To pay for the property everyone has to work, make savings and sacrifice unnecessary luxuries in order to keep one’s head above water. Bloody good of us all because we work to keep the idle sods who won’t Get off their A***s and work. Instead they ponce off us all for their living and Care and even as far as to the grave.

I remember the first colour television I saw inside a house was in a Council House rented by an unemployed bloke who admitted that he had no intention of working! Made us feel really good as we dealt with his chimney fire!

We can be a little placated in the knowledge that every item sold and every penny thus obtained well help towards Shirley’s care and comfort, after all she’s earned it


Off Overseas

Well I’m off tomorrow to the coast ( a good place to catch a ferry) to Rosslair for the 9.15 crossing arriving at 12. 15 then off to a hotel for the night. On Monday find a good breakfast and then on to Burnham. Have lunch with my Mum and then find my caravan for the week.

Maggie has already gone to Hastings to start clearing and getting the house ready for sale. Bloody shame that someone who has worked to stay in the family home has to sell it to pay for her care. So much for “the Welfare State” looking after you from the cradle to the grave!!

Well dear readers I will endeavour to keep you informed via my mobile should I find any wi fi areas.

Till then Toodle Pip