‘Ear we go again

Well it’s Tuesday and I am all of a jitter. You see I’ve been given a possible date for a bit of surgery over at Galway General Hospital. I’ve had a few dates over the last 12 months but circumstances have made it so┬áthat it wasn’t to be. (Things like Snow, multi injuries from Croagh Patrick, Norovirus, Auzzie flu etc.) Thankfully I am not in any real pain just a little discomfort and also some frustration with being limited with some of the things I can eat but all this will be cleared up by Thursday night if all goes well.

The radio show has now improved because I no longer spend the entire 2 hours alone as a young News presenter has joined the show and spends the last hour with me so the format has (In my opinion and that of some listeners) improved. I now play lots of music in the first hour then it’s the news and the remainder of the show it music with chat about anything. All this is thanks to the Lady Eleanor

There is much work going on in St Joseph Total redecoration renewal of the smoke detectors and the CO detector. (If the weather would permit the exterior will be repainted and some new flower troughs constructed, planted and positioned. The flowers are at the seedling stage at the moment. Having said all that we have decided to take a year off next year to do the things that retired people do.

Well I’ll call it a day for now and hopefully I’ll add another blog after my visit to Galway

Till then Keep smiling and spread a little sunshine.