Thinking of The Other Half

I have found this on a forum I have joined and started to think that perhaps when we have a job that does involve danger and giving help we don’t always appreciate just what “the other half” can be going through.

Yes, I was a fireman(I’m old fashioned and use the old term) and experienced all of the things mentioned in Ann-Maria’s poem.

Could you love a firefighter through their ups and downs?
When visions of accidents leave their emotions spinning around?
When their pager goes off, would you just let them leave?
Or would you ask them not to go, begging them, “Please.”
Would you stress yourself out worrying about their safety?
Or would you convince yourself they might quit for you, just maybe?
Could you stand by their side when things aren`t going well?
When they need to be rescued is it you who they can tell?
Will you hold their hand and say it`s all right?
Would you listen and comfort them through the night?
Could you deal with their silence after a horrible call?
Or knowing after the fire they almost didn`t come back at all?
Could you provide them comfort after a small child dies?
And help them through memories of the small feeble cries?
Could you help them deal with having to roll back the dash
To recover the bodies of a family killed in the crash?
It`s not an easy job that we choose to do.
But we do it to save innocent people like you.
So think about that if you`re falling for me.
Could you deal with my life? Could you see what I see?

(Ana-Maria Garcia)

To my “other half” thanks for being there for me and helping me through it all.