Still Rambling

There’s an election in the offing and there has just been one in the U.K. I am a little confused but wasn’t the last one for local Councillors? You know the people who represent the population on the Local Council. Those who run the refuse collection, street lighting, parks and gardens, etc. etc.. So just what did that election have to do with Theresa May, Jeremy Corben and the others in Parliament? To see the TV and the subsequent propaganda you could expect to see Boris Johnson humping dustbins and Amber Rudd digging the gardens and cutting the grass verges on the roadside. But no really it’s got next to nothing to do with them.

The latest election (one which, believe it or not, I still have a vote in) appears to be of the usual conflicting views however I ask should I be voting for the person to represent me or for the Prime Minister that I would like to really mess me up? Surely once again I should be voting for the best person to represent me in the Palace of Westminster. Let us not forget that there are 650 MPs and I should be voting for one of them. Theresa May is only one of them and she represents Maidenhead and Jeremy Corben represents Islington, So I urge people to think carefully before you cast your “X” The leader of the successful party can be sorted out later.


For a few months now I have been presenting a local radio show aided and abetted by my friend and cousin Peter. It is usually good fun and it does give a good reason to get up on a Monday morning. We have a simple format – the ramblings of two old blokes interspaced with some music. Some people enjoy it so feel free to listen in. We are there from 9 -11 am each Monday on Claremorris Community Radio 96.4 FM or There’s nothing heavy and we often follow a theme for each show.


We have been down to the bog and the turf has been cut so now we need some good weather so that it can be turned then footed (piled into stacks to finish drying) and brought home for the winter. We have been told that this is the last year for this bog for a number of years so the search is now on for next year supplier. Hopefully we will be lucky.


I quite often say this but I promise I will try harder to write on here more often but for now bye.


Just Jogging Along

So I’m sitting here thinking I will just finish this cup of coffee and get outside and do some more to the new “Cluckingham Palace” (Chicken run and coop) when the wind changed got stronger and the rain started so I suddenly thought I haven’t done anything on this for some time so here we go.

I have decided to attempt a family holiday near to my Mum I invited my immediate family and their other halves and out of 19, 16 are coming to the gathering occupying three caravans. I think there will be much wine etc. taken, considerable laughter and fun but most of all I’m hoping for that wonderful photograph of 5 generations. BUT Mum fell over last week and is now in hospital with a broken femur. She is doing well but she will be in for a while. They are talking about her being transferred to a hospital nearer to her home which is more like a cottage hospital and therefore more relaxed than a general hospital. So there’s still hope for the photo. The Irish contingent will be travelling next week to take the two day journey.

The rest of the “troops” will be arriving two days later then look out Somerset. We’ve nothing planned it will be spontaneous which I think is always best.


We have been quite busy with St. Joseph holiday cottage with visitors from England, America, Scotland, Wales, Australia, Canada, with bookings for the future from USA and Germany. Fuel It all helps to pay for the winter fuel etc.

Ireland 122

Talking about fuel I feel quite proud to say that I managed to get the turf in this year (with a little help from Anthony) You may remember that I couldn’t do it last year ( a very good friend Christie did it for me turning, footing, bringing it home and storing) but I was determined to do it. Next year I shall be getting two lines (10 wide by 100 m long) to ensure we have plenty and to allow it to season even more.


Anthony with the last piece of turf

Well till the next time so long and I will publish that 5 generation picture somehow. (they don’t really like more than two at the bedside in hospital but ways and means.

Turf’s Home

Well all around here is a hive of industry with the farmers working so hard and long to harvest the hay and the silage for the winter feed. At the same time they are hoping for a milder winter and spring than the last two.

Feverish activity on the bog is going on to dry and get the turf home. For so many this is the main fuel for heating and cooking so a good season is essential. Some of my turf from last year is still damp. Because of my “inconvenience” earlier this year    I am unable to get my line of turf this year but a neighbour and his grandson has offered to do all the necessary work and bring it home for me. What wonderful people

By the way a line of turf is 100 m long and 10 blocks wide

Turf Cut (Last Year) begining to dry

One line of turf cut
The turf on each side has been “footed”

There’s a saying over here “when the turf is home and the hay is set then you can go to the Galway races” well the Galway races are in mid August so it looks like there will be a good crowd there this year.

Our Australian visitors left this morning to go further south as they intend to “do” the Ring of Kerry. They said that they had enjoyed their stay here and had really explored County Mayo. They had also brought with then some glorious weather

After they left we had a leisurely breakfast and Maggie started on the preparation of the chalet for our guests who are expected to arrive after 6 o’clock, meanwhile I cut the lawn.

I have increased our flock of hens by 4. I got them really to replace those who have died (with some extra) all Rhode Island Reds. They are all at point of lay in fact 2 are laying already, small ones of course but that will improve Of course we’ve got the settling in process going on establishing the pecking order and so on.

Oops I’ve let this alone for a while. The guests arrived and the good weather stayed so all is well. Our new people are enjoying themselves and in particular the country life.They were especially fascinated by the hay harvest in the field next door.It was cut and turned and bailed (big round ones) and wrapped in black plastic all within 2 days.

I went to see my surgeon on Wednesday for a check up. He is very pleased with the way I am recovering and has said that I can now do anything I want to and can do. Great news. This time last year I wasn’t even diagnosed.

We got back and Christie and Christopher have brought home my turf and even put it into the turf store. Such a wonderful pair

I have at last finished and launched my website

Well until next time Toodle Pip