Thoughts. After Our Visit

My S.I.L has dementia  . She is not dead, she is not stupid, she is not without feelings. And yet,  just as happens when someone dies, the opportunist vultures descend looking for anything that may be of value,  and they leave with their cars overloaded with their goodies .

They spend their time picking up items and examining the base for any marks that they think they understand! When they don’t find any mark the item is quickly put down again .

The daytime television has a lot to answer for with all the antique shows because suddenly everyone is an expert

It’s hard work putting someone else’s property onto the market especially when the proceeds are to pay for your loved one’s care which is very expensive. It is a tremendous responsibility with it’s resultant stress; help should be given rather than unhelpful, patronizing,  lip service .

Ok Rant over

Toodle Pip